Barn of the Month


View from NE

Coffer Barn, Camp Orkila, Orcas Island

This huge, 37′ high,  60′ wide x 68′ long gable-roofed, post-and-beam structure was built in 1946 for Phil Coffer by a local builder of note, Mr. Hathaway, with roofing help from Harry Patton and his buddy, Jerry. The plan consists of a central, floor-to-ridge hay mow with stables on either side.  In addition to large doors on the northwest gable and a door leading to the northeast side aisle, there is a hay hood and door in the northeast gable.



Interior Structure Roof

Roof Structure

The structure was designed as a hay barn: suspended from the ridge is a hay rail and trolley system that transferred the hay–some 42,000 cubic feet–through the door in the north gable to the hay mow below.  The two side sheds, which probably contained stanchions originally, are now open and closed horse stalls.


The property has had several owners, including The Seattle Fruit Company, which raised Italian prune plums; Glen Rodenberger; the Darvil family; and most recently, Camp Orkila.  The barn is currently used as part of the Camp Orkila program.

Transverse Section