Barn of the Month


View from NE

Owen Higgins Barn Before

After a hiatus of some time–our apologies–we are resurrecting the Barn of the Month with great news: the Washington State Legislature has funded another biennium of Heritage Barn Grants!  There is approximately $450,000 available.  The deadline for applications is May 17th, and remember that listing on the Heritage Barn Register is a necessary (but not sufficient) requirement.  Because the next deadline for registering your barn is June 1st, nominations for barns applying for Heritage Barn Grants will accepted at the same time as grant applications: May 17th.

View from NE 2011 8 14 Tim Clark

Owen Higgins Barn After

Several Heritage Barn owners in the San Juan Islands have already taken advantage of Heritage Barn Grants to restore their barns.  This is a great opportunity to obtain matching funds for stabilizing, rehabilitating, or restoring your barn!  Spring for it!