Technical Information

Online Guidelines

Barn Aid #1: Barn Foundations.  Analyzes major problems of stone, concrete and concrete block foundations and shows how to remedy them.  Includes a checklist for investigating foundation repairs and a guide for estimating costs.

Barn Aid #2: New Spaces for Old Places.  Describes how to increase clearspan space inside older barns by replacing posts and beams with trusses.  Includes drawings and cost estimates.

Barn Aid #3: Barn Exteriors and Painting.  Information on common siding problems and repair, preparing your barn for painting and getting the best possible paint job.

Barn Aid #4: Barn Roofs.  How to repair and replace roofing on historic barns.

National Park Service Preservation Brief 20: The Preservation of Historic Barns

Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation Barn Roof Replacement Guide


Goodman, Jennifer and Bill Kimball.  Protecting Older and Historic Barns through Barn Preservation Programs.  Washington, DC: National Trust for Historic Preservation, n.d.

Humstone, Mary.  Barn Again!  A Guide to Rehabilitation of Older Farm Buildings.  Des Moines, IA: Meredith Corporation and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1988.

Humstone, Mary M. and Dexter W. Johnson.  Using Old Farm Buildings. Washington, DC: National Trust for Historic Preservation, n.d.

Klamkin, Charles.  Barns: Their History, Preservation and Restoration.  New York: Hawthorn, 1973.


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