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Welcome to the Historic Barns of the San Juan Islands!

Straitsview Farm

Straitsview Farm, San Juan Island

Happy Solstice!  Farmers in the islands are in the midst of haying their fields, a little early this year–sometimes you have to wait until the Fourth of July to be sure you’re not rained on–but we’ve had some fine stretches of hot, sunny weather and you can smell the mown grass and see the bales of hay sprinkled around the fields all over.

As the first blog for this website, we’d like to welcome you and invite you to a presentation on the Historic Barns of the San Juan Islands, if you’re around Friday Harbor the evening of Wednesday, June 24th.  We’ll start with a potluck at 6pm at the San Juan Island Grange #966 Hall (152 Frist Street North) , and then Sandy Strehlou and I (Boyd C. Pratt) will talk all things island barns.  Got an island barn?  Know about any historic ones?  Or maybe you’re just a barn hugger like us…whatever, come and revel in these historic treasures!

But if you can’t make it, please explore the website!  And tell us what you think!